Plum Liqueur

Have you ever drank “Plum Liqueur”?
It is quite popular to women. (I think.)
It is a little sour but mostly sweet taste.

It is made from these.
plum liqueur

…and this is “Plum Liqueur”.
plum liqueur 2


3 meanings of Green Tea

There is 3 types of green tea.

1. general green tea
This is what we call “ryokucha” it is for drinking it in a daily life.
green tea

2. bitter green tea
This is what we call “maccha”. This is the real green tea, which is from ancient times.
green tea

3. sweet green tea
This is called “maccha” too. It is mainly flavored green tea used in drinks or sweets.
green tea pafait

Kanji: Person


This is a kanji(Chinese character used in Japanese writing) which means “human”, “person”, “people” etc.
We read it “Hi-to”.

There is a well known word from a TV drama.

The character “person” is made from the look which seems as though they assists it each other
(from 3nenB-gumiKinpachiSensei)


$1 shop in Japan (100Yen shop)

100 yen shop is a amazing store where we can buy cheep goods. It sells various things, and we can get nearly everything we want in 100 yen shop; food, drinks, stationary, daily necessities, tool, electronic equipment etc.
These are the famous 100 yen shops: “Daiso”, “Cando”, “Seria”